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Everest Base Camp 2016

Thanks to my friend Lacie for this great short video of our Good Karma Trek to Everest Base Camp.

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Everest Base Camp 2016

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Sunday, March 12, 2017


I was devastated when I heard the news that Nepal had been hit by a 7.8 earthquake on April 25th, 2015. Our Good Karma Trek team had just returned from there the week prior! 

Our Sherpa guides and staff of Sherpa Mountain Adventures who successfully led us to Everest Base Camp were now serving as Rescue workers; bringing food, water, medical supplies and setting up temporary shelters for the victims in Katmandu and in the remote mountainous areas where no one else could get to.  Over 9,000 were killed, 22,000 injured. Nepal was hit by a second earthquake, just weeks later, total villages wiped out and thousands more left homeless.  

I was sick to my stomach with grief for a country that has become like a second home to me, where my fellow guides have become like family. 
Since that time, there has been much effort to help rebuild Nepal and bring back the much needed tourism.  Karma Sherpa,  operator of Sherpa Mountain Adventures has organized and facilitated a number of Medical Missions, Rebuilding projects and Trekking opportunities to support and assist the more remote villages and communities of Nepal.  

Returning to Nepal has been a healing experience for me.  To revisit the breathtaking mountainous places I love and see the beautiful and warm people of Nepal and to experience their unique culture has renewed my belief in humanity and their power to come together and overcome challenges. 
October of 2016 
Our Good Karma Trekking Team met up in Katmandu, and began the life-changing journey of traveling through the Himilayan mountains, lodging in tea houses, climbing peaks and reaching our ultimate destination, Everest Base Camp.

"A person does not climb a mountain without bringing some of it away with them and leaving something of themselves upon it" ~ M Conway

Durbar Square (click here for more details on Durbar Square)

One of the places first on my list to visit was Durbar Square, a world heritage site, that sits in front of the old royal palace of the former kingdom of Katmandu. It houses temples and palaces and a very interesting and historical attraction, the Kumori Chol.  This gilded cage contains the Raj Kumori, a girl chosen through an ancient and mystical process to become the human incarnation of the Hindu mother goddess Durga.  She is worshipped during religious festivals and makes public appearances at other times for a fee paid to her guards.

Although there was evidence of the earthquake; some temples gone completely with only a sign and photo of what used to be there, in general Durbar Square was intact and I was happy to revisit this amazing piece of Nepal history.

Our Team
Eric Shulz, Erika Andreson, Vikram Basappa, Katherine Kneier, Michael Olmsted, Kate Kreisher, Michel DeHaitre, Rold Hertenstein, Emily Walker, Adam Kempasky, Dennis Kneier, Lacie Gregson, Ugljesa Janjic, Beatriz Gomez and of course, the Guides and staff from Sherpa Mountain Adventures, including myself.

It all began with an amazing (and epic) flight from Katmandu to Lukla, where the trek officially starts.
Passing Mani Walls and numerous prayer flags, we crossed the Dudh Kosi River and traversed across suspension bridges, passed through small villages, stayed in tea houses and arrived in Namche on October 23rd.

Namche is located in the Khumbu area and sits at 11,286 ft.   Many Sherpa who are in the tourism business are from this area and this is the main trading center and hub for the Khumbu region.  The views, bakeries, shops and charm of this area is what make it a favorite for trekkers and visitors!

It is also where we get our first glimpse of Mt Everest!

Continuing on our trekking journey, we pass through Dhole and Machermo to get to the Gokyo Lakes area.  Each day held special moments of awe and reflection of a culture that is so rich with history and beauty.

Children in Nepal are curious and playful and love to play with, wave to and give high-fives to the trekkers who pass by their homes.

When I guided in March of 2015, Gokyo lakes were covered in snow.  This time, given the different season, we had the pleasure of seeing the amazing turquoise color of the Lakes as well as the unique rock cairns that travelers create as they pass through. The word magical comes to mind!

"The wilderness holds answers to more questions than we yet know how to ask" ~ N Newhall

We arrived in Gokyo in the early afternoon on October 27th.
Although tired from a long day of trekking, our team got a second wind after settling in at the tea house there and pushed on to make a successful summit of Gokyo Ri, reaching an elevation of 17,575 ft.

We were elated!  The 360 degree view is spectacular with clear views of Everest, Makalu, Lhotse, Cho Oyu and many other Himilaya peaks.

The Summit of Gokyo Ri 17, 575 The Good Karma Trek with our Sherpa Mountain Adventure Family!

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the things you did do." ~Mark Twain

One of the things that make our trekking adventure so unique and different is that Karma Sherpa, the operator of Sherpa Mountain Adventures who is from the Khumbu region, is a resident of Colorado and has been for over 9 years.  He works hard to provide the best quality experience possible for every participant.  He is vigilant in his efforts to provide a safe, enjoyable experience for everyone.  He is well-connected with the locals in Nepal and coordinates even the tiniest details of the trek. One of those details is keeping our trekkers healthy by having our very own cooking staff to prepare our meals! Meet Tilaraj Ri, Asis and Pasang...

I'm always impressed with trekkers! Long days of hiking in a country half-way around the world is a challenge!  Taking time off from work, being away from family and friends, leaving the known comforts of home is not always easy.  Our team quickly bonded and had an amazing way of supporting each other and staying positive even on days when people were fighting colds and feeling less than energetic.  Each morning started with quotes that we shared.  Each evening we had opportunities to chat and grow closer. Each day provided opportunities to reflect on life, prioritizing what is most important and what things are really not such a big deal. The Sherpa and Nepalese way of life has a way of rubbing off on you!

"The impossible is only that which has not yet been accomplished" Jeff Lowe

October 29th- We reached Pangboche at 12,900 ft and from there we trekked to Phortse, a farming village set high in the Khumbu region.    Phortse has one of the largest Sherpa communities of Everest climbers! 
It is also home to the Khumbu Climbing Center, which was founded in 2003 with the mission of increasing safety by teaching and encouraging best practices for climbers and high-altitude workers. This school is made possible by the efforts of the Alex Lowe Foundation. Click here for more on Alex Lowe and the Khumbu Climbing Center

Our Good Karma Trek trekked through Tukla and Pheriche with views of Ama Dablam,  Lhotse, Nuptse, Tobuche, Cholatse, Lobuche and Everest.  
Ama Dablam - whose name means Mother and her Necklace, a strikingly beautiful mountain located south of Everest in the Khumbu region.

On the way to Gorak Shep we paused briefly at the Everest Memorial, dedicated in memory of those brave  climbers who lost their lives on Mt. Everest.  A sobering place and a good reminder that the inherent risks of climbing the highest mountains on earth are very real.                                               

The photo to the right is a memorial to Scott Fischer, an American Mountaineer and Guide known for his summits of the worlds highest mountains, without supplemental oxygen.  Fischer and Ed Viesturs were the first Americans to summit K2 without supplemental oxygen. He first climbed Everest in 1994 and later died during the 1996 blizzard on Everest while descending from the peak.

"Mountains are cathedrals: grand and pure, the houses of my religion. I go to them as humans go to worship...From their lofty summits, I view my past, dream of the future, and with unusual acuity I am allowed to experience the present moment. My strength renewed, my vision cleared, in the mountains I celebrate creation. On each journey I am reborn." ~ Anatoli Boukreev 

From Gorak Shep, our Good Karma Team hiked to the summit of Kalapatthar, reaching our highest elevation yet, an impressive if not daunting18,514ft. With Mt. Everest directly behind us, we celebrated our successful summit.

On November 1st, 2016 The team made their way on to their final destination, reaching EBC. 17,650 ft

I am grateful to be working as a Guide for Sherpa Mountain Adventures.  Fondly referred to as the 'white sherpa woman', I value my friendships and experiences with my co-guides and staff of SMA.
I am excited to be heading back for my third year to lead the 2017 Good Karma Trek in October.  

In addition to the EBC trek, we are planning another amazing trek, the Annapurna Trek which will be offered in November 2017.  

If you would like to join us, we would love to have you.  

Namaste, Laurie

Friday, April 24, 2015

EVEREST BASE CAMP and the Good Karma Trek

Halfway around the world...
That's how far you need to go to see the world's largest mountains and to stand in the presence of the highest mountain on earth, Mount Everest! (Been there, did that! LOL)

Our Good Karma Trek was more than I could have imagined and at the end of the 21 days, it was immensely hard to say good-bye to a journey that changed and challenged the lives of all those who were part of it.  We opened our hearts and minds to learn a little more about the beautiful culture of Nepal and the Sherpa community. We worked together as a team to face the physical challenges that the Himalaya presented and we grew as individuals, leaving Nepal a little better than we found it and bringing home treasured memories of a place rich with majestic wonder.  

 Only Halfway there...
The Good Karma Trek allowed me to see Mt. Everest, my NEXT mountain to climb as part of the Power of Seven project.
The "Seven Summits" are Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Aconcagua, Denali, Kosciusko, Everest and Vinson.  I have climbed the first 5 and Everest and Vinson are left.  Seeing Everest up close was impressive!  I wasn't sure what I would feel like; would I change my mind about wanting to climb it?  Would I be inspired to come back and join the few who attempt it?

Summit Success! 
I have dreamed of climbing in the Himalaya for years and being able to stand with team mates on Gokyo Ri and Kalapatthar with magnificent panoramic views was something I will always remember.  As I looked around from the tops of these two peaks, I realized that I feel very at home in the mountains.  It's really a funny feeling, I can feel so big and so strong and at the same time, so small and so humbled!

Being part of the Good Karma Trek was a reminder to me that any worthwhile project is usually something that can only be accomplished by the effort of many.  It took a team of twelve to make up the Good Karma Trek.  It took at least that many more Sherpa and Porters from Sherpa Mountain Adventures to guide and support our efforts to trek to Everest Base Camp.  My Power of Seven Project has been possible by the help and support of many, many dear friends and family guiding me and encouraging me for a number of years!

Hoops for Hunter...
I was asked and entrusted to carry a special T-shirt, a Forever Hunter shirt, honoring and keeping alive the memory of a special student who tragically lost his life prior to becoming a senior in high school.  Well-loved and cherished in his community, Hunter will forever live in the hearts of his family and friends. Hunter, in spirit, journeyed with me to Everest Base Camp.  My hope is to bring him again with me, when I return to climb Everest in 2016.

Everest 2016
So was I turned around from the idea of climbing Mount Everest?  Was I inspired?  The answer is I closed my eyes and I envisioned myself at base camp and carefully and respectfully climbing up through the Khumbu ice falls, onto the Lhotse face, across the yellow band, heading to the balcony, Hillary step and onto the summit.  I am motivated and holding on course with my goal to honor lives touched by cancer. I am encouraged to continue fundraising for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to provide better treatment and find cures.  I am committed to climb Mount Everest!

Sherpa Mountain Adventures
I will be partnering with Karma Sherpa, of Sherpa Mountain Adventures to attempt the summit of Everest in 2016.  I will continue to fundraise for Cancer Research and I will be seeking out athlete sponsorship to fund the Everest Expedition.

Stay tuned as I post on the progress and thanks to all those who continue to support and donate to the Power of Seven Project!

As Arnold S might say..."I'll be back".

Please donate Everest Climb

Thursday, February 19, 2015


The Good Karma Trek is heading to Nepal in March!  I'll be keeping a journal and taking photos and video of this spectacular trek which starts in Lukla, travels over two himalayan passes and into Everest Base Camp. This 21 day trek, is made possible through the generosity of Karma Sherpa and Sherpa Mountain Adventures  A portion of the proceeds of the Good Karma Trek will help me to complete the "Everest climb to fight breast cancer", which will be my 6th climb (of the Seven Summits) to raise awareness and Breast Cancer research funding for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, Wa.  
I am forever grateful to Karma, to Sherpa Mountain Adventures and to each team member on this very special Good Karma Trek that also supports Nepal and the Sherpa Community!  


Karma Sherpa, Sherpa Guide and Operator of Sherpa Mountain Adventures. 

Karma Sherpa grew up in the Mt. Everest region in Nepal called Teksindu and has guided numerous treks and expeditions since 1995.  
He has also worked for the Colorado's Outward Bound course in Nepal.  

Karma resides in Boulder with his family and enjoys teaching others about local Sherpa and Tibetan history and culture. He also loves to share effective outdoor skills that allow others to truly enjoy nature's beauty.

Marcia, Littleton, Co.  
An avid hiker, Marcia has completed all of Colorado's 14'ers and has stood on one of the Seven Summits, Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.  She's been a faithful supporter of the Power of Seven project to fight breast cancer, having participated and helped with a number of fundraisers. Marcia brings a wonderful energy to our GKT Team. "On this trip, I am looking forward to a new cultural experience and seeing the beauty of the Himalayas". 

Kevin, Denver, Co.
Friend and hiking partner with Marcia, Kevin helped the Power of Seven project as a volunteer for the Mother's Day 5k fundraiser in May.  Originally from Denver, he teaches 8th grade science at Aurora Hills Middle School. 

"What I'm looking forward to most is experiencing the food and the culture of Nepal. Additionally, I am excited to be able to bring back some of my experiences to my classroom and students, some of which are from Nepal and most of which have never left the state of Colorado." 

Elly, California
Originally from the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern California, Elly is a lover of all that is wild! "I distinctly remember drawing the Himalaya mountains in my 4th grade Waldorf classroom. As I attempted to bring the color and boldness of the mountains to the page, I knew I needed to see them one day. Beautiful and scary and BIG, these mountains parallel the vitality of the cultures that protect them. This is what brought me to the Good Karma Trek. I am eager to spend time with the communities that create the image of challenge and strength in the form of Everest. I am also honored to join an inspiring journey with Laurie. Let the fun begin!"

Vicki, Canon City, Co.
Born and raised in Port Jervis, NY but, has lived in CO the last 15 years.  As a Federal Law Enforcement Officer, she's spent over 20 years working for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. She's climbed all 58 of CO's 14,000 foot peaks and nearly 100 of the 13,000 foot peaks. "I enjoy hiking, mountaineering, trail running, canyoneering, camping, and spending time in beautiful places with my husband Kerry and Chocolate Lab, Tillman. Joining the Good Karma Trek is fulfilling a long-time bucket list item for me, and I'm honored to be supporting the Power of Seven and the Sherpa community."  

Thank you Vicki for reaching out to Bolder Bands for their generous donation to the Good Karma Trek.  And another shout out to PepPod for supporting us, too!

Joey, Kansas
Representing Kansas, enter Joey. "One thing I'm looking forward to the most: Summiting Mt. Everest at night while the team is sleeping at base camp " (LOL)
"Seriously I've always wanted to visit the Himalayas and see the tallest peak on the planet as well as meet and interact with the people of Nepal." 

What a special treat to have Father and Son, Jim and Leif joining our Good Karma Trek!  

Jim, Dillon, Co.
Jim's greatest interest is travel (which includes a trip to Egypt) followed by all kinds of recreation; cycling, both street and dirt, both motorized and non-motorized.

"Essentially raising Leif as a single parent since he was three years old, we have spent a great deal of time together." 
"Knowing that days spent together are limited, I am looking forward to sharing this life-experience of the Good Karma Trek, as a threshold for him into his adulthood."

Leif, Dillon, Co.
A high school senior with graduation in Spring 2015, Leif plans to study micro-biology and attend the University of CO. He enjoys camping, hiking, multiple forms of art, and basically having fun. Leif spends most of his time snowboarding in the winter and skateboarding in the summer. "I love the mountains and the energy they create, and looking forward to being in the 'biggest mountains' of the world.  People ask me why I am going to Nepal to hike.  My Dad and I wanted to take one last trip before I graduate and am on my own. I am excited to go with this group, supporting a cause that has affected so many people I know"

Rhonda, Salida, Co.
From upstate NY, She lived in Boulder for 31 years and most recently lives in Salida working as a full-time PT. She's climbed 40 of the Co. 14ers, over 50 of the 13ers, over 100 12,000 ft peaks and also climbed Kilimanjaro. Rhonda climbs, bikes, skis, snowshoes and runs. "I'm looking forward to being outside, up in the mountains, exploring new friends and culture." "I have traveled a bunch and love it!"

Diane, Longmont, Co.
A biker, hiker, climber, canyoneer and long-time  supporter of the Power of Seven project, Diane is originally from Utah but, has lived in Colorado for over 5 years now.  When she's not on a trail somewhere, she is usually spending time with her family. Diane, has coordinated numerous fundraisers for the PO7 project, and completed one of the Seven Summits in 2011, Mt. Kosciusko, Australia celebrating her Father's victory over cancer. 

Jodi, Fort Collins, Co. 
Jodi lives with her husband Steve, in Fort Collins and works as a dental hygienist.   "I've hiked all of Colorado’s 14’ers and volunteer as a peak steward. I foster dogs for Western Border Collie Rescue and I babysit my 20-month-old granddaughter. Charlotte. I'm very excited to join the Good Karma trek. I never thought I would be trekking to the Base Camp of Mt. Everest. I'm looking forward to meeting the Nepalese people and learning  their culture. I am also happy to be traveling with such an awesome group of people — we’re going to have a great time!" 

Lesley, Louisville, Co.
Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado Lesley has summited 30 of Colorado's 14ers. 
Lesley has been a solid supporter of the Power of Seven project,  volunteering at the Mothers Day 5k fundraiser in May 2014 and the Himalayan Development  Foundation event in September 2014. 

"Alpine tundra is my favorite type of terrain so to trek in the Everest region with this group will be amazing! 
The highlight of this trip for me will be when we view Everest from Kala Pattar."

Laurie Normandeau, 
Power of Seven Climber, Fundraiser
When I first started climbing for Breast Cancer 11 years ago, I had no clue how it would change and/or save lives; including mine!  As I continue to witness the work of FHCRC, I understand how critical research is in the fight against cancer.  I'm motivated to continue my project of raising over $100, 000 for research and to climb the highest peak of each continent. With only 2 climbs remaining, I am more focused than ever. Heading to Nepal, I am most looking forward to seeing Sagarmatha (Mt.Everest) and to be humbled and inspired by her.

Follow the Good Karma Trek 

Join the 2015 October Good Karma Trek

Donate directly to FHCRC

Donate at Gofundme to support Laurie on the Everest Climb to fight Breast Cancer

Friday, October 31, 2014


The Good Karma Trek is set for March 20, 2015 and I am SO EXCITED! 

This Trek is a collaborative effort with my friend Karma Sherpa who is also the operator of Sherpa Mountain Adventures a Sherpa owned guide company with years of experience leading treks and mountaineering expeditions on Everest and in the Himalayas.  
The Good Karma Trek will follow trails that circuit around the jaw-dropping mountain arena of the Himalayas and into Everest Base Camp, home to the world's highest peak, Mt Everest!  I will have the opportunity to see first hand, the majesty of Sagarmatha (Everest name in Nepal) and Chomolungma (Everest name in Tibet).

The Good Karma Trek  is a Fundraiser! It supports my EVEREST Climb to fight breast cancer, raising research dollars for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.   You can help me climb Everest by donating on my Gofundme site- Everest Climb to fight Breast Cancer This will help cover my expenses (permits, guide fees, equipment, etc.)

I'm thankful for the opportunity to be at Everest base camp a year BEFORE I attempt the summit of Everest (2016).  I will be able to enjoy it's beauty this season without that inevitable anxiety of knowing I have to climb it, LOL. This trek will also serve as training and a chance to gather information about the area, the routes, the weather and my physical performance there.

YAY for Supportive FRIENDS!

I am equally excited to be trekking with friends who have continuously supported the Power of Seven effort to fight breast cancer!  My friends, Diane Pappas and Vicki Meier are two of the most supportive women I know.  I met Diane in Utah a number of years ago; she was in the Womens' Climbing Program that I instructed for.  She moved to Colorado and when I too, moved to Colorado in 2008, she looked me up and I haven't been able to get rid of her since...LOL.  Diane has organized many of the Pampered Chef and Silpada Jewelry fundraisers and was my partner, as we climber my 5th of the Seven Summits, Kosciusko, Australia in 2011, celebrating her Dad's victory over cancer. 
I met Vicki while hiking the 14ers- Lincoln, Cameron, Democrat, Bross.  Vicki was kind enough to let me join their group and we've been friends since then.  She participates in every fundraiser I have and both her and Diane are "Tough-Cookies" in the line of hiking and mountain-biking and "Big-Hearted" in the way of support!  To be trekking in the most beautiful part of the world with my friends for a great cause is such a treat! Lucky me!  

And speaking of friends...

October was Breast Cancer Awareness month!  My good friend, Angie Miske from Utah, stepped forward to support the fight on breast cancer and held an OrigamiOwl Jewelry fundraiser all month long!  Thanks Angie! for your wonderful energy to bring a great idea and another way for everyone to help out!  
And during the month good friend and artist, Kerri Krewson-Cornett form California knows the heartache of losing someone to cancer.  In honor of her husband, she wanted to contribute and help.  She lovingly hand-made 10 beautiful bracelets, each one unique and one-of-a-kind.  Through her generosity and the generosity of the women who purchased them, over $300 was raised for the the Everest Climb.  Thank you, Kerri!
I can't forget to mention a little Rock-Star who also made and sold bracelets and raised $350!  My very own niece, Lexi from New York decided she would help out too and went door to door selling beautiful PINK bracelets that she made with her own little hands! Thanks, Lexi!

If YOU have an idea for a fundraiser or way to support the EVEREST Climb to fight breast cancer, please email me at

And speaking of SPEAKING...

I'm always happy to SPEAK about and share the story of the Power of Seven project.  It is always my desire that everyone know that it is a shared journey.  I share it with all who have been diagnosed with cancer. All who have survived.  And I can't complete this project without the support of others!  So, when I get a chance to present or speak or share the story, I'm always grateful.  I was especially happy to travel to NY to present, because NY is close to Massachusetts which meant I got to visit my lovely daughter, Lauren DuBois and all her beautiful girlfriends!  We spent a beautiful Fall day, picking out pumpkins and making a Fall Celebration dinner at Laurens' house! 

So, I flew to upstate New York,  where I am from originally and shared the Power of Seven project for a Women's Event, Hope for a Women's Heart.  Hosted by my sister, Debbie, over 200 women were present.  It was wonderful to share and talk with women that understand the critical need to fund cancer research and support each other and those who have been diagnosed with cancer.  Thank you to all who donated!  If you missed the video, please check it out!

Himalayan Development Project   I was also delighted to present for the HDF Fundraiser held at the Tibet Restaurant in Lousiville, Colorado. The HDF project is putting skylights in schools in Nepal.  These are schools that have no heat, windows or electricity- so this is a BIG deal for these small, under developed villages.  Of course, my friend Karma Sherpa, is involved with this project and with another project- Building Bridges, where 10 schools are being built for women and children to learn to read and write.  I'm so honored and proud to be working along side Karma helping the Sherpa community and the Nepalese people.  I can't wait to see in person, the schools and the skylights. 

Way to go Trailblazers! 

I got to share my mountaineering experiences with the Waldorf School in Boulder, Colorado.  My WFR course friend, Greg Rubens was prepping his 30 students for an adventure of their own, a 3 day backpacking trip into the mountains!  Lessons learned in the mountains equal any given in a classroom! The students were thrilled to hear details of adventures in the mountains and my quest to summit the 7 tallest peaks.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Happy Summer Everyone!

Here's an update to let you know what's been happening and what's coming up!
- Fundraisers
- Summer with OB
- The Good Karma Trek

With the help of many wonderful people, we had two very successful Fundraisers,
"Sparkle & Shine Silpada" jewelry party that took place in April and the Highlands Ranch Mothers Day 5K which was in May.
Both fundraisers combined, brought in close to $2,000 for breast cancer research for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.
Many thanks to all who participated and especially to Katherine Spencer-Inskeep, Diane Pappas, Valerie Kuhns for their efforts in coordinating these two events.

I continue forward on my goal of climbing the tallest mountain of each of the seven continents to raise money to fight cancer. If you would like to support my climbs, visit here to donate.

Cancer is scary and no one wants to hear they have it.
As more of my friends continue to share their stories of cancer, I am reminded of how important it is to get ahead of this and provide the funding for the research that gives us better diagnosis, better treatment and better outcomes!
Do not give up on this fight!

Please share the Power of Seven project with your friends and perhaps you could post it on your FB page and let people know that we are all working together to fight breast cancer! Share it with those who have cancer to announce that we are behind them.
Every donation counts! Cancer Research is funded two ways...Government grants and through generous donations from you and I. Click here to donate. FHCRC get involved and donate

This summer, I am excited to tell you that I will be working for Colorado Outward Bound School leading courses that help students develop strength of character through wilderness experiences.  I am thrilled to be part of an organization that embraces values such as Tenacity, Curiosity, Spirit, Sensible self-denial and Compassion.June has been a very full month of training and preparing for leading a 22 day Mountaineering Course with Colorado Outward Bound students in July.  I completed 3 weeks of training with Outward Bound in the Sangres to work on technical skills of Rock Climbing, Backpacking, Snow Travel, River Crossings and Educational principles.

My other training requirement has been completing the Wilderness First Responder certification.
Then, I'm off to the OB Base-Camp site, located in Leadville, Co. for a few days of Prep for the Mountaineering course.  I will be heading into the Gore Range and I'm super stoked to be working with other OB Instructors and leading students into this beautiful and rather knarly mountain range!

EVEREST Bound...The additional training I will get this summer will better prepare me for the challenges on Mt Everest. Gaining technical skills and experience, allows me the confidence to be a safer and more responsible climber and mountaineer.  The more strength and better skills I possess, means less work and less unnecessary risk on the Sherpa of Everest. 

UPCOMING Events... Check out...The Good Karma Trek 

My friend Karma Sherpa and I have been collaborating on a project that brings good karma to all involved.  Seriously!
We call it The Good Karma Trek.

Karma Sherpa grew up in Nepal where he worked as a Himalayan guide.  He has over 15 years in the travel industry and is the Operator of Sherpa Mountain Adventures based out of Boulder, Co.   He is passionate about Nepal and helping others. Karma supports the Power of Seven project and is helping me to raise the funds needed to climb Everest.  

Karma is offering The Good Karma Trek to promote good-will and allow those who have dreamed of trekking in Nepal that opportunity.  The Good Karma Trek is a 19 day adventure that treks around the Himalayas and into Everest Base Camp!   

A BIG thank you to Neptune Mountaineering for allowing us to share a presentation with more information and details on The Good Karma Trek and a thank you to all those who joined us for the presentation.  Karma spoke passionately about the need to help others!

Currently, we have 10 trekkers signed up and still have space for others.   
The Good Karma Trek will be in October 2014, another one in March 2015 and one more in October 2015.                                         

 The Good Karma Trek offers you a once in a life-time journey to experience Nepal and it's culture, trek with experienced Sherpa guides in a breath-taking setting while providing much-needed tourism to Nepal, support to the Sherpa community and help me raise money to complete my Power of Seven project to fight cancer!

BONUS! For more serious and advanced mountaineers or trekkers, Karma can also arrange other trekking opportunities and more advanced climbs of the surrounding Himalayan peaks.

 More information... 

If you are interested in joining us for any of The Good Karma Trek opportunities or would like details
please contact me at

Happy Summer and Namaste!