Monday, February 20, 2012

It's Oh-ficial, I'm a blogger!

All right, all right, I know I should have done this much sooner but, where does one find the time?  I guess you find the time when something is important to you and that has prompted me to start the blogging.
What's so important to me?  What's so important is to share the journey that began back in 2003, when I committed to join a team of climbers that would summit Mt. Kilimanjaro for the purpose of raising money for Breast Cancer Research.  It was, at the time, an adventure that I entered purely for the personal satisfaction of climbing an incredible mountain, in Africa. (Oh, and it would be for a good cause).  Little did I know how my own life would be affected by this single endeavor and also how the lives of so many others would be touched.

Since that climb the direction of my life changed.  I find myself on a journey that seeks to provide hope and promise to those who have cancer, to celebrate the victorious and inspirational survivors and to honor the lives and families of lost ones that fought but could not conquer it.  My friend and fellow Mountaineer, Lynn Lippert, a survivor herself, accomplishing phenomenal physical feats in the mountaineering world, put it simply and best "Cancer Sucks".

I've known for quite some time now that becoming a Research Scientist who could find a cure is not likely to happen for me.  I'm also reminded daily by my modest bank account that funding the research myself is also quite a dismal thought.  My only shot at helping, is that I appear to have the gift of good strong legs (short but sturdy) coupled with tolerance for enduring long, strenuous bouts of high altitude alpine expeditions. Go figure.

Given that gift (we all have gifts) I have chosen to put myself to the test and apply it to the POWER of SEVEN project, an attempt to climb (and hopefully summit) the highest peak on each continent, to raise awareness and research dollars for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, Wa.

Follow along, as I blog my progress and share what I've accomplished so far and what's next...


  1. Laurie, You are an AWESOME inspiration. I knew your family was riding the rollercoaster cancer throws one on, but I had no idea that this is how you are fighting back. I know you will succeed in reaching your goal, and I wish you strength, support and all the stamina you need!

  2. You are too modest and you missed a gift, Laurie. You also have the gift of communication. You are witty with the written word. You are a good photographer and have the skills to make videos and you are willing to share. You are a great ambassador for your cause and I look forward to reading your stuff!

    1. Hey Jim, It was actually your blogging that inspired me to get going on this. I love reading your family antics and all your stories and how honestly you write (and why not, right?) anyways, thanks for your support. You are a true friend! :-) cheers to blogging!