Friday, October 31, 2014


The Good Karma Trek is set for March 20, 2015 and I am SO EXCITED! 

This Trek is a collaborative effort with my friend Karma Sherpa who is also the operator of Sherpa Mountain Adventures a Sherpa owned guide company with years of experience leading treks and mountaineering expeditions on Everest and in the Himalayas.  
The Good Karma Trek will follow trails that circuit around the jaw-dropping mountain arena of the Himalayas and into Everest Base Camp, home to the world's highest peak, Mt Everest!  I will have the opportunity to see first hand, the majesty of Sagarmatha (Everest name in Nepal) and Chomolungma (Everest name in Tibet).

The Good Karma Trek  is a Fundraiser! It supports my EVEREST Climb to fight breast cancer, raising research dollars for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.   You can help me climb Everest by donating on my Gofundme site- Everest Climb to fight Breast Cancer This will help cover my expenses (permits, guide fees, equipment, etc.)

I'm thankful for the opportunity to be at Everest base camp a year BEFORE I attempt the summit of Everest (2016).  I will be able to enjoy it's beauty this season without that inevitable anxiety of knowing I have to climb it, LOL. This trek will also serve as training and a chance to gather information about the area, the routes, the weather and my physical performance there.

YAY for Supportive FRIENDS!

I am equally excited to be trekking with friends who have continuously supported the Power of Seven effort to fight breast cancer!  My friends, Diane Pappas and Vicki Meier are two of the most supportive women I know.  I met Diane in Utah a number of years ago; she was in the Womens' Climbing Program that I instructed for.  She moved to Colorado and when I too, moved to Colorado in 2008, she looked me up and I haven't been able to get rid of her since...LOL.  Diane has organized many of the Pampered Chef and Silpada Jewelry fundraisers and was my partner, as we climber my 5th of the Seven Summits, Kosciusko, Australia in 2011, celebrating her Dad's victory over cancer. 
I met Vicki while hiking the 14ers- Lincoln, Cameron, Democrat, Bross.  Vicki was kind enough to let me join their group and we've been friends since then.  She participates in every fundraiser I have and both her and Diane are "Tough-Cookies" in the line of hiking and mountain-biking and "Big-Hearted" in the way of support!  To be trekking in the most beautiful part of the world with my friends for a great cause is such a treat! Lucky me!  

And speaking of friends...

October was Breast Cancer Awareness month!  My good friend, Angie Miske from Utah, stepped forward to support the fight on breast cancer and held an OrigamiOwl Jewelry fundraiser all month long!  Thanks Angie! for your wonderful energy to bring a great idea and another way for everyone to help out!  
And during the month good friend and artist, Kerri Krewson-Cornett form California knows the heartache of losing someone to cancer.  In honor of her husband, she wanted to contribute and help.  She lovingly hand-made 10 beautiful bracelets, each one unique and one-of-a-kind.  Through her generosity and the generosity of the women who purchased them, over $300 was raised for the the Everest Climb.  Thank you, Kerri!
I can't forget to mention a little Rock-Star who also made and sold bracelets and raised $350!  My very own niece, Lexi from New York decided she would help out too and went door to door selling beautiful PINK bracelets that she made with her own little hands! Thanks, Lexi!

If YOU have an idea for a fundraiser or way to support the EVEREST Climb to fight breast cancer, please email me at

And speaking of SPEAKING...

I'm always happy to SPEAK about and share the story of the Power of Seven project.  It is always my desire that everyone know that it is a shared journey.  I share it with all who have been diagnosed with cancer. All who have survived.  And I can't complete this project without the support of others!  So, when I get a chance to present or speak or share the story, I'm always grateful.  I was especially happy to travel to NY to present, because NY is close to Massachusetts which meant I got to visit my lovely daughter, Lauren DuBois and all her beautiful girlfriends!  We spent a beautiful Fall day, picking out pumpkins and making a Fall Celebration dinner at Laurens' house! 

So, I flew to upstate New York,  where I am from originally and shared the Power of Seven project for a Women's Event, Hope for a Women's Heart.  Hosted by my sister, Debbie, over 200 women were present.  It was wonderful to share and talk with women that understand the critical need to fund cancer research and support each other and those who have been diagnosed with cancer.  Thank you to all who donated!  If you missed the video, please check it out!

Himalayan Development Project   I was also delighted to present for the HDF Fundraiser held at the Tibet Restaurant in Lousiville, Colorado. The HDF project is putting skylights in schools in Nepal.  These are schools that have no heat, windows or electricity- so this is a BIG deal for these small, under developed villages.  Of course, my friend Karma Sherpa, is involved with this project and with another project- Building Bridges, where 10 schools are being built for women and children to learn to read and write.  I'm so honored and proud to be working along side Karma helping the Sherpa community and the Nepalese people.  I can't wait to see in person, the schools and the skylights. 

Way to go Trailblazers! 

I got to share my mountaineering experiences with the Waldorf School in Boulder, Colorado.  My WFR course friend, Greg Rubens was prepping his 30 students for an adventure of their own, a 3 day backpacking trip into the mountains!  Lessons learned in the mountains equal any given in a classroom! The students were thrilled to hear details of adventures in the mountains and my quest to summit the 7 tallest peaks.

Oh! and thanks for asking... Yes! My training is going well! 

I am coaching CrossFit and teaching climbing and was recently hired by the Colorado Mountain Club to program their Young Adult Trip and Events.  This is an organization that has existed since 1912 so, it is with great honor that I am working to inspire and mentor the young leaders of our great outdoors. 
My work with Outward Bound, leading challenging courses in the Rocky Mountains gives me the confidence and frame of mind needed to pursue my own grand adventures! I'm grateful to all my co-instructors who have taught me so much about integrity and craftsmanship and compassion! 

 I continue to play and train in the great outdoors of Colorado and hope to be mentally and physically ready for the biggest adventure of my life....Everest Climb to fight breast cancer!! 

Follow the journey, support the cause! 

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