Friday, April 24, 2015

EVEREST BASE CAMP and the Good Karma Trek

Halfway around the world...
That's how far you need to go to see the world's largest mountains and to stand in the presence of the highest mountain on earth, Mount Everest! (Been there, did that! LOL)

Our Good Karma Trek was more than I could have imagined and at the end of the 21 days, it was immensely hard to say good-bye to a journey that changed and challenged the lives of all those who were part of it.  We opened our hearts and minds to learn a little more about the beautiful culture of Nepal and the Sherpa community. We worked together as a team to face the physical challenges that the Himalaya presented and we grew as individuals, leaving Nepal a little better than we found it and bringing home treasured memories of a place rich with majestic wonder.  

 Only Halfway there...
The Good Karma Trek allowed me to see Mt. Everest, my NEXT mountain to climb as part of the Power of Seven project.
The "Seven Summits" are Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Aconcagua, Denali, Kosciusko, Everest and Vinson.  I have climbed the first 5 and Everest and Vinson are left.  Seeing Everest up close was impressive!  I wasn't sure what I would feel like; would I change my mind about wanting to climb it?  Would I be inspired to come back and join the few who attempt it?

Summit Success! 
I have dreamed of climbing in the Himalaya for years and being able to stand with team mates on Gokyo Ri and Kalapatthar with magnificent panoramic views was something I will always remember.  As I looked around from the tops of these two peaks, I realized that I feel very at home in the mountains.  It's really a funny feeling, I can feel so big and so strong and at the same time, so small and so humbled!

Being part of the Good Karma Trek was a reminder to me that any worthwhile project is usually something that can only be accomplished by the effort of many.  It took a team of twelve to make up the Good Karma Trek.  It took at least that many more Sherpa and Porters from Sherpa Mountain Adventures to guide and support our efforts to trek to Everest Base Camp.  My Power of Seven Project has been possible by the help and support of many, many dear friends and family guiding me and encouraging me for a number of years!

Hoops for Hunter...
I was asked and entrusted to carry a special T-shirt, a Forever Hunter shirt, honoring and keeping alive the memory of a special student who tragically lost his life prior to becoming a senior in high school.  Well-loved and cherished in his community, Hunter will forever live in the hearts of his family and friends. Hunter, in spirit, journeyed with me to Everest Base Camp.  My hope is to bring him again with me, when I return to climb Everest in 2016.

Everest 2016
So was I turned around from the idea of climbing Mount Everest?  Was I inspired?  The answer is I closed my eyes and I envisioned myself at base camp and carefully and respectfully climbing up through the Khumbu ice falls, onto the Lhotse face, across the yellow band, heading to the balcony, Hillary step and onto the summit.  I am motivated and holding on course with my goal to honor lives touched by cancer. I am encouraged to continue fundraising for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to provide better treatment and find cures.  I am committed to climb Mount Everest!

Sherpa Mountain Adventures
I will be partnering with Karma Sherpa, of Sherpa Mountain Adventures to attempt the summit of Everest in 2016.  I will continue to fundraise for Cancer Research and I will be seeking out athlete sponsorship to fund the Everest Expedition.

Stay tuned as I post on the progress and thanks to all those who continue to support and donate to the Power of Seven Project!

As Arnold S might say..."I'll be back".

Please donate Everest Climb

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